This month was wonderful, and the Lord moved in great ways, as I’m sure He has also been doing in your life. Here are a few things that were highlights about my month:

At the beginning of the month I had some free time since teams and interns were not here, so I was able to go to Elim and take care of some maintenance problems, clean thoroughly, and just spend time there praying. I don’t know what CAM00876happened there, but on my way home, I felt so content!

One team member that came down this past summer is a soccer coach and when he saw the children playing on a sandy soccer field with broken glass mixed in, he passionately wanted to take care of this problem. I chose a few of the young boys and teens to help me clean the field and it was a great time! We filled about 5 wheelbarrow loads of glass and trash and will have more to fill in the future.

In my class, we started to journal every day of the week, writing down different things each week. For example, the high and low of the day or what they read and learned in the Bible, and then some of them mentioned that they did not have Bibles. We had some New Testament Bibles, so I gave each child one. I never realized that these children do not have Bibles, so that was a super energizing afternoon for me, these children now have the Word of God!!!

CAM00843Hopefully you remember Reyna from last months newsletter, we took her to get a blood test and some more medicine. It is amazing the difference that has happened in her physical life, and not only physical, but we believe her self-esteem has also increased greatly. She walks so quickly now, praise the Lord! She will be on this medication for the next 2 months and then we will take another blood test. 1 (2)


We had an eye-exam on the 27th and we were amazed at how many people came out, praise the Lord! All the children an adults got their vision tested along with any other vision-related issues. Also, through planning this event, we found out that families with CIF (low-income bracket) get free appointments and free medication. Again, praise the Lord for this opportunity of being able to help these families in many aspects.


2 (2)An intern will be with us for two months, her name is Jaycee. She will be focusing on helping with the children’s programs and also taking pictures of each child from every ministry, which is going to be very helpful.




CAM01211Steph and I had the opportunity to receive much counsel about our relationship and our future marriage life together. We are thankful for wise counselors in our life that ask us the tough questions and are real with us. Also, wedding plans are also coming along quickly! We did a lot of work for it this month and our prayer is that the name of God is glorified and that we are a reflection of Christ’s love to His church. Please continue to pray with us, thanks!





And the mothers continue to make purses and bracelets!

thanks again for reading and praying
kneel often and stand strong,


Matthew 5:48 – You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.