An Indigenous Summer

Our busy season for teams and interns is the summer. But, we had a large group from World Race ( – F Squad!) and four new interns arrive during the first week of September!

The Summer in Review

So far, a total of 25 interns have come and/or gone from Ecuador since my arrival in Ecuador! Also, our September group of World Race is the 13th group that Inca Link Ecuador has hosted since April! It was a busy summer, but also very fruitful as well.

IncaLinkRetreatPresentationMy duties with Inca Link Ecuador have expanded from Intern Coordinator to include a lot of the logistics required to organize all of the interns and groups that are received.

At our bi-annual Inca Link Retreat (pictured), Inca Link as a whole (Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia) set a goal to have 30 teams and 30 summer interns during 2015! That’s a lofty goal, but perhaps you have an interest in bringing a team?!! Our Inca Link team would love to host you!

A New Home

At the end of August, I was able to find an apartment that a friend is renting. The apartment was within my budget and in a centralized, safe location. Sooo, I made the move out of Casablanca and into my own apartment! Since then, it’s been an added challenge on top of teams, interns, and logistics to begin making my apartment homely.

Our Indigenous Summer

In North America, an “Indian Summer” is the term for an extended summertime. In Ecuador, we refer to the natives as “indigenous.” Thus, why I used the term “Indigenous Summer.” I hope it makes sense.

World Race is an experience offered by Adventures in Missions (AIM). It includes 11 consecutive months in 11 different countries! The team that is currently serving with us during September will be traveling on to Inca Link Colombia, then Asia and Africa. Check out the website and find “F-squad.” Their blogs will provide you with an even deeper view of what missions in Ecuador with Inca Link is like!

I’ll Be Home for Christmas!… and Thanksgiving!

It’s official! I’ve made arrangements to be home in Pennsylvania for the holiday season this year! I really want to meet with as many of you as possible. Please make an appointment by emailing me and including a suggested date and time to hang out and chat about Inca Link and South America! My email is!

Prayer Requests

  • That Inca Link will be able to reach their “30/30 in 2015” goal.
  • Continued health and safety for the interns, teams, and missionaries.
  • Save travels to the jungle and coast for myself and the new interns (Anna and Catie) during October.


  • Flights home for the holiday season are purchased!
  • A successful summer of teams and interns with very few major illnesses and injuries.