Casa Deportiva Cumbre Alta (CDCA) exists to reach the highest levels of Ecuadorian sports while we share Christ with those in our sphere on influence. As a club, we have begun to do both. Every player who participates with CDCA has heard a clear presentation of the Gospel this season. We don’t just stop at sharing. We follow up. We follow up again. And again. We spend time with our players. Share life with them. Help them to see what a life with Christ looks like. We try to model it well as much as we can. We have coffee. We watch games with them. Anything to get closer to them. Gain their trust. Share Christ more effectively.

In the meantime we practice. We practice more than any other team in our division. We want to be the best we can be on the field. We do things differently on and off the field than other clubs. All our games are filmed and every week we review the film as a team. The club strives to be as professional as we can be regardless of the fact that we are in the bottom most division of Ecuadorian soccer. There is no other place to start. Our behavior though is controllable; the habits we instill now will help the club progress up the ladder. Our first team (best team regardless of age) is pushing for promotion in its first season.

Our goal is to be financially self-sustaining. We are not there yet. The club does generate profits from sponsors and concessions, but these profits do not yet cover our costs. Our goal is to start a soccer academy this year, which will also provide additional revenue. The majority of our costs are covered through supporters. People like you who have decided to partner on a long-term basis with CDCA. People who believe in the vision of the club and who want to see its growth.

To cover our expenses and be able to grow the club by adding new teams, buying more equipment, being able to employ local coaches, we need to raise $10,000 this year. We are looking for 30 people who will commit to giving $30 a month. Will you be one of the 30? Learn more…






I’m the founder of Casa Deportiva Cumbre Alta and an Inca Link missionary. If you have questions about CDCA and are interested in partnering with this ministry, I would love to talk with you. Please, fill out this contact form so that we can get in touch.


Nate Taube