The past two months have been extremely busy. We’ll begin with October. CAM00936
The first two weeks were ministry like normal. Then from the 10-21 I came back to visit Pennsylvania. What an amazing visit it was, with the main reason being my best friends wedding. I had the opportunity to catch up with many friends and family, which was a huge blessing. I also was able to speak at a few places and share what God has been doing in my life. I’m continually amazed at the things that God continues to surprise me with, wow, what a blessed visit it was, praise the Lord for that opportunity!

marriage picThen when I got back home it was time to start planning for my own wedding!..well continue planning…haha! Stephany and I worked non-stop planning the wedding, continuing with ministry, and Steph also had the extra weight of finishing her thesis. She presented November 6th and it was approved, glory to God! Then my family and a few friends came down on the 11th and what a joy it was to have them celebrate that glorious day with Steph and I. November 15th, I’ll never forget that moment when my bride walked down the isle and we both made eye contact. I was already smiling, so when I tried to smile more, my face started twitching a little bit, I was exploding with all types of emotions! I wish you could have been there to celebrate with us, but we will soon be getting the pictures and a video.

Then it was time for the honeymoon!! We went to northern Peru where the beaches are a lot warmer and nicer, and the Lord blessed us with an amazing time together, just the two of us :’)
When we returned, it was back to work, moving in together, ministry, meeting with the intern, buying things for the house, and trying to adjust to married life! God has been allowing us to enjoy this new season of live, while teaching us to become more like Him, I’m CAM01364loving it!

An update on Reyna: she is doing wonderful and walking so quickly.
The moms are continue to make crafts, while their children learn and play in the classrooms. Pray for us while we plan for 2015 and that we are sensitive to the Lords voice and the vision for Elim.
One of the hens laid the first egg! Not in the perfect spot, but it’s progress.

Thanks for reading and for your prayers and support
kneel often and stand strong,
Brent & Steph Frederick