Hi To everyone.. How are you? We have just finished a busy season of traveling and meetings. Here are some things to highlight.

  1. Cumbre Alta GroupCumbre Alta is presenting the documents to be recognized at the Ministry of Sports of Ecuador. Pray that they are accepted soon.
  2. The soccer team from Portoviejo of Inca Link won on Sunday and will be playing for first place on Sunday. See picture attached.
  3.  Casa Elizabeth had 4 girls there this last week. Today was the going away party for Naty and Sebastian. We will miss them.
  4.  Elim is having a good ministry with mothers, not only with the children at the Garbage Dump in Trujillo.
  5. Antonio and Pati Argumedo opened a new church. They had 140 people and 17 accepted the Lord including Antonio’s sister. The Camino de Vida church is taking them under their wing.
  6.  The buildings at the Children’s home, Pasitos de Fe were painted recently.
  7.  We were doing Generacion Lideres Turbo and training at Semisud. Almost 100 youth leaders in the two groups were trained this past week.

Highs and Lows – I am finally home and don’t have to travel for a while :). We were in the U.S., Mexico, El Salvador and Peru. It’s nice to be home :).

Goals Met for Inca Link – Training in GLT, Assembly meeting of Peru, good conversations with Antonio and Pati, and the future of Inca Link Lima, meetings with our bosses.. Youth Specialties in US, Canada in Mexico, Envision in El Salvador.

May God bless each and every one of you. May He keep growing your ministries and His kingdom here on earth.

Intensely Focused,

Rich y Elisa