11277991_10152964346387883_95780131_nIt´s a privilege to write you with what God is doing in our midst.

1. We are in the heat of the beginning of the summer with teams all over the place. Two groups arrive to Ecuador tomorrow and 2 in Peru on Thursday. IMPORTANT – I just want to remind everyone that every team that comes this summer can be offered the discount of $50 a person for next summer. We want have teams repeat next year. Help us by promoting that.

2. Cumbre Alta soccer team in Ecuador has a quarterfinal game this Saturday.

3. The guest house for the teams in Trujillo, Peru is almost ready for the teams. See picture.

11425506_887039468027536_5009793502759994828_n4. The field behind La Luz church in Ecuador almost has the grass on it now. This will become a slight financial engine for this ministry. See Picture.

5. Inca Link Colombia had a talent show night with the kids from our sponsorship program, Oasis.

Highs – My dad is here with us at our house. We played soccer with the interns and with my son Josiah and we won :).

Lows – I will not be able to play much more soccer with Josiah as he is getting ready to go off to college. :(.

2 Prayer Requests – Please pray for our transitions. We pack, hand in the apartment, travel to Peru for the wedding of José the drummer of Corban and Almendra, we return to Ecuador for 2 days and then we go to the U.S. for a year to raise support etc.

IMG_7744Goals accomplished for the Kingdom of Christ and for Inca Link – We had meetings with Inca Link International, the board of Inca Link Ecuador, lunch with the regional directors of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), we attended the graduation lunch where Josiah surprised us and sang and played the keyboard – audio attached, intern night at our house – see pic, we delegated the youth ministry training called Generacion Lideres Turbo to David Noboa in Guayaquil, we finished the brochure and banner for missionary tour, and Elisa had a going away party from her harmony class last night.

Intensely Focused,
Rich and Elisa