(Originally written in Spanish, quickly translated…)
Week’s Highlights


1.  There is a new worker for Elizabeth House – Melanie Gamboa
2.  We urgently need $ 150,000 to the shelter Pasitos of Fe!
3.  Ecuador’s Youth Specialtie’s event is progressing


Highs and Lows


High of the Week – The progress of Ecuador Youth Specialties – you can see the video of the summit here:


[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhX8O1g4wRA&feature=share&list=UU6J0Rws4TLgov7iYNo0v7tw”]
Low of the Week – Our car broke down and was in the shop more than a week


Prayer Requests


1.  Pray for Youth Missions’ class I am teaching in the Network Seminar Saturday
2.  We receive more girls in Casa Elizabeth in February.