Hi to all of the heroes and friends of Inca Link Global,

Here are some of the latest updates with inca Link: 

  1. The team that comes from Daybreak church was absolutely amazing as always. The team called Mission Peru was also amazing as always. We thank God for these great partnerships that we have.
  2. In Elim, the ministry near the garbage dump in Trujillo, Peru, started tutoring and having Bible studies in homes, and they had workshops for bracelets and a dental campaign.
  3. Pray for Mark Shafer, his truck had been stolen and sold to him by someone. Now there is a law suit going on to recover his investment. Please pray.
  4. We thank God that Casa Blanca is having new groups like Pan de Vida that are being housed there.
  5. Cumbre Alta men’s team won the first round of the tournament and that allows them to ascend to the next level next year where they will compete in the Pichincha provincial tournament. The women’s team is playing in the under 20 tournament. LET’S GO CUMBRE ALTA!

Highs – We had an amazing time with the Board of Inca Link International. God is good! We visited our kids (except Olivia and Mark :() – I played soccer with my son, we went to an escape room together and we got to see Josiah and Mishayla in action at Beulah Beach camp.

Low – We got back tired :/ 

2 Prayer requests – First a praise – One of the girls from Mishayla’s group last week got to ring the bell at Beulah Beach. That means – she accepted Christ into her life. Yay! Pray for the two large short-term teams Elisa and I will be leading this month – one in Ecuador, the other in Peru. Pray for refreshment from the Lord.

Goals reached for the kingdom of God and for Inca Link – Meetings with the board of Inca Link International, meetings with donors, possible groups and interns, planning of the Link Year, signing documents and Skype calls for various ministries.

Intensely Focused :),
Rich and Elisa

P.S. I loved celebrating my Dad’s 80th Birthday with family and friends 🙂 See Picture of his same smile ever since he was a baby 🙂 .