Child Garbage Dump TrujilloDay 5 (05/26/2014) – Trujillo

This morning, the interns were given a little bit of extra time to sleep in. Breakfast was not served until 9 a.m. However, the interns needed to leave right after breakfast to begin the first part of the race. On this day, the race took place at Maná, the day care center in Trujillo for children from the garbage dump.

When the interns arrived, their first task was to create a craft for Father’s Day. This may not sound too challenging, but that is because the challenge came after creating the craft. The interns were asked to present their crafts in front of a panel of judges, including Patrick, Brent and Ignacio, and they had to present it in Spanish! Each team had 20 minutes to complete the craft, so most teams created a poster and one team made a birdhouse out of Popsicle sticks. Unfortunately, while the teams worked on their crafts, intern Emily began feeling sick and was taken back to Pasitos de Fe to rest.

After presenting their crafts in front of the judges, the interns were asked to create a skit demonstrating how they thought the day care benefited the children from the garbage dump. They were required to present this skit in front of the panel of judges, as well, and were judged on how accurate they were in showing how the day care helped the kids. According to Patrick, some teams focused on one aspect of the day care ministry while others briefly touched on all of the different aspects. By the time everyone finished, it was time to head back to the orphanage for lunch.

Chillin in the Garbage Dump TrujilloAfter lunch, the interns were barely given some free time since the next part of the race took place in the garbage dump on the outskirts of Trujillo. After a 30-minute drive, we arrived at the Inca Link ministry in the middle of the garbage dump—Elim. The interns were asked to get in their teams (I was on a team with Jake, Anna and Dana since Emily was still feeling sick) and each team was given a garbage bag to fill up with glass picked up from the soccer field right in front of the Elim building. The team who collected the most amount of glass (measured in weight) would get the most points. Then, we were all told to get in our teams and choose two people to complete the next challenge. What the teams did not know is that they were volunteering people to make bracelets! After finding out the challenge, some of the representatives were disappointed, especially since they were not allowed to trade places with another teammate after being chosen. For most teams, this challenge determined what place they got that day. So, one person from each team was required to weave a certain length of the bracelet before the next person was allowed to finish. Though this challenge was very difficult for many of the interns, the last challenge of the day was actually what took the longest to complete.

Soccer in Garbage Dump TrujilloOnce all of the teams finished their bracelets, we went back out to the soccer field. Patrick, Ignacio, Gideon and Mijail, a Peruvian teen, were standing in the middle of the soccer field. Brent announced that each team would be playing soccer against these guys. The team who could score 3 goals against them in the least amount of time would win first place. Though Anna hurt her knee, our team was able to score the 3 goals the fastest out of any other team! By the time all of the teams finished, there were many children and mothers who had come to Elim from the garbage dump. So, Brent had all of the teams play again, but this time against four of the kids. Originally, the challenge was to score five goals against them and if they scored on us, it would take one goal away from us. However, all of the interns underestimated these kids and none of the teams were able to score against them! So during the first game, Brent decided to set a time for the games to be completed, and when the time finished, the team who had gotten the least amount of goals scored against them would win first place. In the end, the best team
for that round had no goals scored against them or for them.

When all of the teams finished playing soccer, we were asked to get in our groups again and given a Spanish Bible. Then, we were asked to find the passage where the word “Elim” was used. Our team was the first to find it and we read:

Sunset Trujillo“Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve springs and seventy palm trees, and they camped there near the water.”- Exodus 15:27 (NIV)

Ignacio explained that the purpose of Elim was to be like an oasis in the middle of the garbage dump. They hold Bible studies there as well as provide a clean environment where the women can learn how to weave bracelets in order to sell them to make enough to put supper on the table. When Ignacio finished, we said goodbye to the women and children there and piled back into the bus and left for the orphanage.

When we got back to Pasitos de Fe, we ate dinner and then packed up all of our stuff once more. Those who were returning to Trujillo only packed enough clothes for a week so they didn’t have to carry all of their stuff. We said goodbye to everyone in Trujillo, piled into the van, and began our longest journey (25 hours on 3 buses) of the Amazing Race.

– Olivia Brown, Intern 2014 (thanks to Isaac Heckert for pictures)