The common struggle between flesh and spirit has been plaguing my thoughts as of late. I went home for Christmas and struggled with coming back to Ecuador. I felt my flesh long to stay with my family and in the country where life seemed normal and easier. As I boarded the plane back to Quito I walked away from my fleshly desires with tears in my eyes. Christ calls us to give sacrifices that mean something to us and trust me the sacrifice of leaving behind my family meant everything to me. Christ has called me to love little boys and girls with runny noses, giggly dispositions, and needy souls. So as I boarded the plane I was walking toward Christ calling once again!

My prayer for my students has always been that they would be able to know Christ as their Lord and Savior. This week has been a rather exciting week for me as I have seen God moving! My little guy from a broken home prayed, “God you are my love, here is my heart!” My little girl who is not from a Christian family, prayed in class for the first time this week! What if I had given into my flesh? What if I in my selfishness had chosen to stay back where life was easy? What would the lives of my fifteen students look like?

This battle will continue I know but I am so excited to see God at work. This week during my class’s morning prayer time, one of my students mimicked my prayer, “God help us to do our best today and have a great day!” How exciting to see these students copying my prayers because they see something in me that is only from Christ. Every morning we pray as a class and my students put their hearts on the line and the talk to God, my five and six year olds are starting to develop an understanding and a dependence on God!

I am not saying this to receive glory for sharing God’s love but to encourage you my fellow brother and sister that when we refuse to let our flesh win that God’s power through His Holy Spirit can open doors and change lives!

I ask that you pray for me to not give into the easy ways out but to fight battles for Christ each day. Please pray for my fifteen students as they seek out the truth that can only be found in Christ. I have seen my kiddos grow this year but there has been nothing that has come close to how exciting it has been for me to see them long to know God! Please join me in this exciting adventure through prayer!