One of my all time favorite quotes is, “If home is where my heart is then my home is where you are.”

I remember almost a year ago thinking these exact same words as I packed to move to Ecuador. I remember thinking that if God is with me then I am never alone. As I moved to Ecuador I knew I would have to make some pretty big sacrifices like missing out on family vacations, missing friend’s weddings, and missing out on the lives of my nieces and nephews as they would grow up. As I left I thought I was okay with giving these things to God but the longer I stayed here in Ecuador, the more I found myself angry with the culture and life here.

My patio view

My patio view at my new apartment!

There came a point where I realized that when God called me to Ecuador He didn’t just call me to angrily give Him the things most precious to me or get mad at Him for bringing me to a place so far away from those that I love. No no, God called me here to willingly serve Him and give a sacrifice out of joy and out of love for Him. I found myself hating living in Ecuador because the sacrifices I “had” to give to God were too painful…

But there came that “aha moment” and I surrendered this heart battle. I realized that I loved God far more than the very things I was clinging onto. I realized that I loved serving God more than having the blessings of life that I so wrongly thought I deserved to have. Only when I let myself joyfully give God the things most precious to me in the States could I start to fall in love with Ecuador and only then could I start to see the precious ways that God was and is blessing me here and now.

So my home is not in the States and my home is not here in Ecuador, my home is with Christ and living in His perfect plan of surrender and love!