threeyearsI am finally in Ecuador!
ON the plane ride to get here I cried, prayed and journaled a bit. I thought a lot about the time it took me to get to this place. Reminds me of Psalm 62:5 which says,

“Yes, my soul, find rest in God
My hope comes from Him.”

I have held on to his promises and as I continue to move forward, I will keep doing so.
This poem below I wrote on the plane on August 6. (:

“Three years may seem a very long wait
But can’t you now appreciate
All the toils, all the strife
Even the pain, sharp like a knife

All that happened
All that came
Made us stronger
No longer the same

One day a dream was born
Ever since my heart was torn
The fight between the flesh and spirit
Made me weak, and worn

Once you know the truth
The truth that sets us free
You cannot go back the way
That will only lead astray

This was the path I sometimes traveled
Back and forth I went
Yet deep down in my being
I knew the life that gives me worth
The words of Christ spewed forth
All of me must be offered

I count it all as loss
As I see You upon the cross
Your love and grace was poured out
Why do I ever doubt?

Many days I’ve cried
I questioned my purpose
I grieved the loss of some loved ones
Yet He remained
Shining light on the broken
The darkness, the prayers (unspoken)

In the process much was gained
Hope sprung forth, new
The vision never left me
The roots just grew deeper still

While waiting

I learned to fear less
And jump more
Have faith despite the mountain of unknown

The moments flew
The all that I ever needed, grew
All the seeds planted
Green leaves raised so high
All to Him the glory
As I sit here on this plane
To the south I do aim
To share my life, my story

The three years served me well
I’m ready for this plunge
Into the sea of mystery
As to His hand I cling
Because day after day
My heart it wants to sing
Of His mercy everlasting
To Him my heart I bring.”