Cumbre Alta is going to be allowed to play the lowest level of Ecuadorian soccer. This is a massive step for the club. Though it is the lowest possible rung of the Ecuadorian soccer ladder… you can’t start anywhere else.

Until now we had not been able to participate in the Ecuadorian Futbol Federation’s tournaments. Because of this we had essentially been working with other clubs who were recognized as clubs by the country and who were participating in the very tournaments we wanted to be in. We had a great experience working with these other clubs… but it wasn’t OUR club and we couldn’t really run the teams like Cumbre Alta plans to. The focus was always on winning. We were able to share Christ, but it wasn’t the emphasis.

We were giving permission to play because we are finally far enough along in the process of becoming recognized as a club with the Ministerio de Deporte. Please keep praying that this process will come to a successful conclusion soon.

The tournament starts on March 8th. Keep posted on our results in the tournament via facebook and twitter (@cdcumbrealta). But more importantly pray that our connections with the players who will be on our team will be meaningful and will lead to them taking further steps in their relationship with Christ.


I’m the founder of Casa Deportiva Cumbre Alta and an Inca Link missionary. If you have questions about CDCA and are interested in partnering with this ministry, I would love to talk with you. Please, fill out this contact form so that we can get in touch.


Nate Taube