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Here is an update from the director of the Mana Day Care Center in Trujillo regarding the flooding:


  1. Mana, thank God, has not ceased to care for the children attending the project, we thought that at this time they would need the program more.
  2. The water has not affected the structure of Mana, only a few mushrooms remain on the walls of the second floor due to water.
    Regarding families- we have tried to help those who have been severely affected, we donated tin roofs to four families, helped a family rebuild their house, we helped two families knock down the walls of their house that were about to fall. We donated five mattresses to families who lacked them. We donated three beds. We have given food to 20 families who were in greater need. We gave out an average of 1,000 liters of milk to families living in the area of ​Los Libertadores.
  3. There are some needs that still need addressing, such as school supplies. Given that 95% of families with children in Mana are poor, having an average monthly income of 400 to 600 soles ($150 to $200) and add to that the rains and mudslides that have occurred in Trujillo, many families do not have the resources to buy school supplies, shoes and school uniforms. For that reason I wanted to ask if their sponsors could help these children buy their school supplies.

God bless you,
Eli Vislao
Director of Mana Day Care


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