As many of you know, I’ve been in Peru for the past 9 months. A tourist visa is only valid for 6 months every year, so therefore I needed to get a visa. I started discovering this process back in April. I got a list of about 10 different documents that I needed. But then I started to be lazy, because I realized I could stay for 6 months on a tourist visa. Well, those 6 months flew by and my visa was about to expire and I would have to leave Peru.

I started again in September to get these papers written and into my possession. There were many questions and even I was not exactly sure of what the papers were supposed to say, but praise the Lord for His wisdom and guidance. The paper from my church was the most difficult paper, because it’s the first time I did something like this with my church, but praise the Lord for God sending people to help and give advice!

After receiving the express sent papers, I went to Lima (9 hour bus ride) on October 2nd, by myself. I could have gone with friends to help with Spanish on the 10th, but my visa was going to expire on the 13th, so just in case I wanted to go earlier. Praise the Lord, because when I was in Lima, they told me the process changed and now I had to make an appointment to give my papers. I went online and the first appointment I could get was on the 16th, and remember, my visa expires on the 13th.  On the 6th, I skyped with my church to tell them about the problem and my pastor said, “Well, we will pray for a miracle so you don’t have to go to Ecuador.” And I thought: don’t waste your time, I have no other choice.

It just so happens that I realized that I was looking under the wrong appointment section. And when I looked under the correct appointment section, there was an opening on the 10th! So I went back to Lima with all my papers and waited in line. When I handed them the papers, they said that I made the wrong appointment. What was I supposed to do? So, while praying in my Spirit, not having a clue what to do, they had mercy on me and allowed me to talk to someone else. I was still missing a few other things, so I got other papers signed and legalized, and somehow they allowed me to give my papers into the clerk, and I was good to go! [there are a lot more things that happened, but I’m just trying to get the main points, this miracle is so deep!]

Then I still had another paper to give, so I went back to Lima on the 17th, and only by the grace, mercy, and favor of the Lord, I got the paper signed, legalized, and handed in all in a few hours. Also, I had many divine appointments to tell about my story and why I’m here in Peru. It’s great when they ask questions, because then I get to testify about Jesus Christ and the things that He has done for us. Sometimes I think the only reason I’ve had so many difficulties/trips for this visa, is just so that I can randomly talk with people in Lima about the Glory of God.

November, I waited.

December 11th I got an e-mail saying that one of the papers was missing a signature. I only had 5 days to get it done or my application process would be terminated. I panicked. I had so many questions. I prepared myself as best I could, and left on the 12th. On the 13th I waited in many lines and felt like I was getting nowhere. Finally, because of the grace, mercy, and favor from the Lord, I wrote a petition for the paper, submitted it, received the paper, went to the ministry of justice, they signed it, handed it back, I returned to the immigration office, and handed the paper to them. Then went to the bus station and got the last ticket home. Wow. Hopefully you are getting a glimpse of just how amazing God worked everything out just perfectly for me. I am still amazed.

On the 17th my visa application was approved! Praise the Lord! So then on January 7th I waited in line and they asked me for another paper. Praise the Lord, the church here gave me more random papers than I thought I needed, and for some reason I brought them all along with me. Well, good thing because one of those random papers was the one I needed. Then they said the words that almost stole my joy: “You are missing the signature on this paper.” Again, I was…well there are no words to express how I felt. I was speechless. My visa was approved and yet I still needed papers and signatures. While praying in my Spirit, with a helpless look on my face, the Lord gave me more mercy, grace, and favor and the clerk said, “It’s ok, we’ll just process it.”  Then I got my picture taken, and now I have my visa, which is like an I.D. card.

Praise the Lord and bring glory to His Holy Name! What an incredible miracle! Each trip I made to Lima, I went by myself with my so-so Spanish knowledge. But I wasn’t alone; the Lord was with me and sent many angels to help. The Lord also covered me with His mercy, grace, and favor throughout this whole process. There are many people that helped me on this journey and an unknown amount of people that have been praying for this. This is a miracle that I will never forget and that I will always be praising the Lord for, so please join with me in Glorifying Our God!