Colombian Coffee Kids

In the mountains of Colombia, where some of the world’s best coffee is grown, there are children who are unwittingly changing the story of Colombia.  Before these kids were taller than the coffee plants, they ran through the fields helping their parents’ plant and cultivate the coffee, bananas, pineapples and other typical crops in the area.  In Colombia, being able to go to school is a privilege and a luxury, not an expectation.   Many of these mountain kids have only imagined what going to school would be like, because it’s not an option for them, so they work in the fields with their parents to make ends meet.
Sometimes people notice these children working day-in and day-out, but it’s definitely not everyday they get noticed.  When we drink our coffee we don’t always think about where it comes from or who harvested it.  Even when people walk right by the coffee fields, the only acknowledgement these kids may receive is a simple head-nod.  Inca Link Colombia was not satisfied with just a head-nod, so we did something.  We got to know their names, we heard their stories, and we showed them love and attention. What a privilege it has been to develop these relationships.
Through this obedience, God has entrusted Inca Link Colombia with a very important ministry.  Reaching these kids for Christ.  We do this in several different ways, but one way was after this past Christmas.  We had so many gracious donors, that we were able to give out 333 pairs of shoes to the children in Colombia from the “Shoes for Orphans” drive.  Thank YOU!  Although putting brand new shoes on these kids was wonderful, we want something more than giving them a physical gift.  We want to give them the gift of God’s love, so that they will grow in stature and spiritual knowledge.
Ministries in Santa Cecilia, Bogota, Colombia

How wonderful it is to see a ministry grow and form step by step. This is the case for the comprehensive development center of Santa Cecilia located in the marginalized sector of the city of Bogota. We thank God for His blessings and the growth of the ministry.
We strive to meet our goal of reaching the 300 million youth in Latin America. That is why this ministry in this place is so important because it reaches out to young people who are part of gangs, have a drug addiction, or are pregnant as well as to parents who are without employment options. We want to reach more teens, adults and children, providing them with the tools they need to come ahead in life and be transformed so that they can spread the love of God to many.
We use a soccer team to evangelize and provide recreation. It has been such a great experience that the children are already participating in tournaments and we have already won one. We would love to provide more supplies such as shoes, uniforms, and soccer balls and be able to pay a coach.
Water Wells in the Amazon. The Triple Frontier (Colombia, Brazil, Peru)

It is the most humid zone on the planet. The most abundant river in the world lies in the 99% humidity. It begins in the Peruvian mountains, runs through Colombia and through a large part of Brazil. It rains for a good portion of the year which makes it seem odd that there is a great need to make potable water wells in this region.
Approximately 20 million people live in the Amazon. There are more than 35 native languages spoken among the more than 300 tribes and many of them have difficulty getting water. It does not rain for 4 months out of the year; the rivers, streams, lakes and other water sources disappear completely. What can we do for them?
Gonzalo Jiménez, a Colombian who has built potable wells for more than ten years, says, “When we open a well in a community, it’s as if we have given them more than gold. I can see the gratefulness of the community in the smiles of every native when they know they have pure water.” The potable water wells bring water and life. Every time water is put in a community, it is a key that opens a door for the gospel to be preached, including places where the government does not permit missionary to go.
Would you like to be a part of this key that opens doors to bring water and life? Would you like to be able to participate with many friends, obtaining resources to be able to deliver water? Would you like to go to the Amazon and open a well? You can do it; we want to open one well every month and share the love of God to every tribe and nation.