What was the worst part about pregnancy for you or someone close to you?  Have you known someone who was pregnant who had a hard time?  Was it being sick during the 1st trimester and beyond?  Was it labor?  Was it the worry about the medical bills?  Or, was it having a hard time choosing the paint color for the nursery?

Joseph&HeatherwithUltraSoundMy wife is 22 weeks pregnant with our first child!  We are very excited about our little baby girl that will be here this summer.  But the pregnancy has been hard.  For the first 19 weeks my wife was very sick almost the whole time.  She got better for a couple of weeks but this past week she has been sick just like before.  She still has not gained weight from where she started.  But, according to the doctor and tests everything is fine, it’s just been hard.

I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes.  Why?  Because I was thinking about what to write for this blog post and I thought:

What if the situation was different?  What if my wife was not my wife but an alone, abandoned, pregnant teenage girl in Ecuador?  How would she even survive?

Honestly, I don’t know.  I can’t even imagine.  But then I thought of something else:

How would that girl feel when she was taken in and cared for by Casa Elizabeth?