Every good organization needs a nerd, right?  I’m definitely Inca Link’s nerd.  I am the Director of Finance and Administration (read job description) which excites me but can sound super boring to some.  It’s my job to build and manage effective and streamlined administrative/financial systems.  You may be thinking, “Why in the world am I going to read this guy’s blog, it’s just going to be about numbers and systems and such.”  EXACTLY!  It’s about numbers and systems and such.  That is why you should read this blog.  After a nonprofit’s mission, the most important thing a supporter should know about a nonprofit is its numbers and systems and such!

This blog will address important questions like:

  • How does Inca Link handle money?
  • What percent of every dollar is spent on administration?
  • How is administrative money spent?
  • What checks and balances are in place to insure financial integrity?
  • Can I trust Inca Link with my money?
In addition to answering these important questions, I will also be posting guides for donors on how to access their donation records with us, how to take advantage of donating to a tax-exempt organization, and what questions donors should ask any nonprofits they are considering giving to.  I will also address a lot of other topics like tips and tricks for business administration, how to take advantage of all those online tools you see in the image above, etc. (great stuff for small business, nonprofit and church staff to know).


As you can see Inca Link is growing fast.  It’s a big deal that Inca Link has systems in place to handle the growing number of ministries, missionaries, teams, interns, income, and expenditures.   Without good systems, things will go wrong.

Inca Link has great systems.  We believe that financial integrity goes far beyond legal obligations, it is a moral and spiritual obligation as well.  Our systems implement many checks and balances to ensure money is used as it should be.  We want everything monitored by multiple people so that nothing can happen without being known by many.  Some examples of these checks and balances are:

  • a record of every financial transaction is made available to the President (Rich Brown), Executive Director (Lisa Merritt), and Director of Finance and Administration (me)
  • bank statements are available to them as well
  • all donation records are available realtime to staff & missionaries
  • a third party certified accounting firm prepares annual legal forms and reviews books
  • a different third party certified accountant reviews payroll
  • extensive and understandable reports are prepared for board of directors

In addition to having checks and balances in place, we encourage all our staff, missionaries, and volunteers to take action by always being mindful so nothing can go unnoticed because everyone needs to be involved in ensuring financial integrity, not just the bookkeepers.