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Have you ever taken the time to close your eyes and remember the life of Christ, while He was on earth? Imagine going to the places He visited and walked. Imagine hearing the teachings He shared about the Father’s will.  Imagine seeing the amazing miracles and healings He performed. Imagine being one of the people that walked beside Jesus, and hearing Him call you “brother.” Allow me to ask you another question: When you open your eyes, what is it that you really see?  What is it that others really see?

In Inca Link, particularly in Inca Thakhi, we try to apply these questions in our daily ministry.  In Peru, particularly in Trujillo, we are finding a reality that is not far from what Christ encountered.

Jesus encountered:

  • The absence of faith in God lived out in the community
  • The lack of opportunities for society to embrace spiritual reflection.
  • The segregation of the weak and poor from the rest of society.
  • The lack of unity among the people.

In our current society, we encounter much of what Jesus did. We see that our society allows the gangs to take the youth to be trained up to be murders, thieves, and other various types of powerful criminals.

It is encouraging to see the hand of God on Inca Link, despite of the harsh reality we are living in.  The Lord is blessing the children and youth of the nearby community, Victor Raul, through the ministries of Inca Thakhi.  One of the primary goals for Inca Thakhi is the acceptance of Jesus Christ through experiencing outdoor activities.  We do this through discipleship, retreats, and other encounters to experience the creation of God and the Holy Spirit.

About 1 year ago, we saw several crimes in this city happening one after another, but one of the most shocking stories appeared in the newspaper concerning a murder case.  The murderer is one of the most famous criminals in the entire country and is known as Gringacho.  He is not only from the same city we are ministering in, but he is from the same neighborhood too!  At the age of 15, Gringacho was arrested for murdering his pregnant girlfriend. Before turning 18, he developed a record, which included assassinating 12 other individuals!

This is just one of the many stories that occur in Peru. It’s far too common that we hear and see these types of stories.  Stories like this, brought us to our knees asking the Lord for wisdom and guidance in how to deal with the disasters we face.  Out of these prayer, we began the Sand boarding Ministry.  Sand boarding is a sport similar to snow boarding, but on sand, which happens to be the same terrain that Jesus walked on.

Do you know how many times Scripture mentions lives being changed as a result of a trip through the desert?  Over 100 times!!  Moses, Elijah and Jesus all spent 40 days in desert conditions.   Throughout history, God has used simplicity, solitude, and wilderness settings to transform lives.

Inca Thakhi has developed resources to enhance the spiritual development of the youth in this community such as: Personal Devotions, Bible Studies, and Prayer Guides.  It is such a privilege to see what God wants to do with their lives. Thankfully, we have been able to connect with other out door ministries and camps in North America that have shared our passion. They have been so supportive of Inca Thakhi, which enabled us to also start the Skim boarding and Mountain boarding ministries as ways to reach out to this generation.

We now consider Inca Thakhi our family.  There are 15 members of our new family, between the ages of 8 and 14, which learn together and challenge one another to experience the love of God while still facing the reality in which we live. The lack of resources, the danger, and the poverty do not discourage us, but rather provides an opportunity for us to trust Christ, which only strengthens our faith.  Putting our lives in His hands is challenging, but we know that the kingdom of heaven belongs to the brave and to those who take on the challenge of carrying their cross, and following Christ.

In Inca Thakhi we continue discipling, as we follow the example of Christ. We want to strengthen and empower the children to become leaders, so that they can positively impact future generations. Our hope is to have these future graduates/disciples from Inca Thakhi, be the role models for the children of Pasitos de Fe, children’s home.

Will you pray for the lives of the youth in this ministry?  Violence is constantly lurking: from abuse in the home, to delinquency in schools, to the extortion from gangs to bring innocent children into their world. It’s everywhere! It’s seemingly inescapable!  We need your prayers! Pray that Christ will continue to reveal Himself and that we see who He really is and that we see who we really are.

We would like to invite you to join us for an afternoon of Sand boarding or other adventure sports and discover the experience of an extreme adventure, the cross of Christ.

written by: Jose Castro (Joca) – Director of Inca Thakhi

Update on Pasitos de Fe: Visit our homepage,, for the most current update on the $150,000 fundraiser, but to date, we have raised $36, 280.39 towards our goal. God has been good to us, but let’s continue to give, so we can get these kids off the streets and into a place where they can learn about Jesus! You can give towards this goal by clicking hereSummer is Coming!: In just two weeks, we will be starting yet another fun-filled summer!  Summer is one of the most exciting times of the year for Inca Link, as teams and interns from North America gear up for an adventure of a lifetime!  God has chosen some of the coolest people to come down and serve with Inca Link this summer, and it’s our joy and honor to join them in this adventure through prayer. Let’s commit to praying for these teams, interns, and the staff of Inca Link as they serve our God this summer.  Pray that we can keep Christ at the center of our focus, trust Him when challenges arise, and praise Him for all the many blessings we get to be apart of this summer.  We want to be a group of people that glorifies Jesus in all that we do and say. Pray with us!