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Terrific Tuesday 1-13-15

10909746_10152539016587312_425319625_oHello to the family of Inca Link Global,

We have a lot to celebrate for what God is doing in and through us:

  1. The World Race arrived again to Ecuador. we have more than 40 people throughout the whole country serving.
  2. The 6 interns are all over Ecuador too this week. Brandon Fair comes tomorrow.
  3. Inca Link Peru had a great retreat. See pics.
  4. The workers at the children´s home in Manta – Montañita Verde who ended well with us had a meeting with Percy this week and he gave them a present for being faithful workers. They cried as they were so grateful to Inca Link for using them. See Pic.
  5. La familia Easons, Sacsarras y Mireles are still in the U.S. raising support and finding a few hours to rest. Keep them in your prayers.
  6. 10906372_10155148162780201_4026794116227789055_nClasses started at Ninawachi today. This is our 2nd year. We have first and second year students enrolled. Pray for a great year together.
  7. We have 3 teams scheduled for Colombia next year. Praise the Lord.
  8. We were offered a place behind La Luz church in Quito to put a sinthetic soccer field for Cumbre Alta. This is awesome news. We also heard from a University that might lend us their field for practices.
  9. Corban will be at an event called All For Christ – Todo Para Cristo starting this Sunday for 8 days. They will later record a video in Lima. Pray for this new video clip.

10922546_10155148129260201_5531764512935067366_nHighs – We had a great supper with a friend and his wife that I met on a plane back in November. They are buddists but we are getting a long really well and building a friendship. He is from Holland/Australia and she is from Canada. We love this new friendship. Josiah was accepted to Toccoa Falls College. He has not made his decision yet. Alexa made penalty kick in Saturday´s game.

2 Prayer Requests – Pray for the children´s home – Pasitos de Fe in Trujillo. Pray that the new Peruvian government that just took office Jan 1st will corroborate with our team there. Pray for Josiah as he decides for a college. For Mishayla as she meets the Texas residents requirements. For Alexa to finish the year well. For Olivia to find a job after graduating from college in May. Pray for Corban to have the budget for their video.

Goals met for the Kingdom of God and Inca Link – Meetings with Youth Specialties Ecuador, Inca Link International, Entrenosotras, Interns, director of World Race, Casa Elizabeth, La Luz church etc. We had various conversations through Skype and Facebook with people who want to come down or have come down in the past.

Intensely Focused :),

Rich and Elisa

P.D. Put on your Facebook pages the art in English and Spanish for Corban´s free song this January 15 – Thursday. See pictures attached.

Corban face ene-03

Corban face ene-04