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Terrific Tuesday 12-10-13

Hello to our Inca Link Global Family,

How are you? How has your year 2013 been? We are finishing this year already.. so fast!

Look at some of the things that God is doing in Inca Link these days.

  1. I talked to Jhonny in the U.S. He is visiting his brother for his wedding and he was able to be with my dad yesterday. Keep it up Jhonny.
  2. On December 15th Inca Link Colombia will be shown on CNN Heroes for Doc Hendley. Please watch this and promote it for us 🙂
  3. Frannie, the intern from Ecuador went to Peru today. Hope they treat her well 🙂
  4. Nate´s team won this week and are in the Semifinals this Sunday. Pray for them. Also Pepo from Portoviejo´s team is now in the Serie B for next year.. this is huge. Maybe our Cumbre Alta team can be a farm team for Liga de Portoviejo. Big stuff.
  5. We continue with plans to sign the partnership with Montañita Verde orphanage in Manta that we will be administering this next year. Elisa and I visited there this last weekend.
  6. Ninawachi will start classes this January 16 in the jungles of Ecuador. Pray for the beginning of this school.
  7. We will have a group after Christmas to celebrate New Years with here in Ecuador.
  8. We have people donating shoes to the needy kids of Inca Link. Please help promote this on the social media pages. http://www.incalink.org/ministries/shoes-for-orphans
  9. Corban will have their first event of 2014 at the camp in Lima for Todo para Cristo. It will be in January.



High´s and Low´s

High – we had a great trip to Portoviejo. Percy did a great job working with the youth group, organized an event with the whole church – they fed over 1000 people, and the pastor of the church took us out to eat to thank Inca Link and Corban for their support and service through the years. Thank you to all of you interns who have served there.

Low – Alexa threw up on Thursday and that postponed our trip, then she was better, but got sick last night when we arrived at 130am back to Quito.


2 Prayer requests – For Alexa to recuperate soon. For the 70 year old Intern that comes in tomorrow. We are excited to serve with him.


Goals reached for Inca Link – Visits to Portoviejo and Manta to see Percy and Gema and Aarón. We saw the orphanage, and were able to clarify some things there. We had a great ILE board meeting today. We organized the group, interns, the new intern manual etc. We worked to organize Leader Mundial Latino, EJ and the shoe campaign.


Intensely Focused 🙂

Rich and Elisa


P.S. Happy Bday Mandi, Brandon and Ariel.