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Terrific Tuesday 4-8-14

Things happening in Inca Link Global in these days:


  1. Mark Shafer just texted me – please pray for his mom who just had a heart attack, she is in the ER and stable. Let´s pray for wisdom to make decisions and for God´s timing.
  2. Alvaro´s brother died. Pray for Alvaro and his mom who has been greatly affected by this.
  3. Lets pray for Montañita Verde – Tesoros in Manta – they have a government inspection tomorrow.
  4. pabloykusiWe have a new missionary family – Pablo and Kusi Saccsara. Welcome. See the picture. They are working with the Quechua youth in Peru and they live in Chosica.
  5. Mandi is teaching children at the Alliance Academy sirving a group of children and parents that do not know Christ.
  6. We have a group arriving to Ecuador this weekend. We will have 30 people going to the jungles to serve – they are from the Kings Academy in California.
  7. Patrick Watts arrived and is finishing his first week on the field here in Ecuador. Welcome Patrick. See picture below.
  8. Corbán is going to Bogotá, Colombia for a youth leaders conference this weekend.
  9. A cell group was started in Victor Raul, near our Children´s Home in Peru – we hope to have a church there some day.
  10. We have almost 1000 people signed up for the Summit of Youth Specialties Ecuador on the 9th and 10th of May.



Highs and Lows

wattsHighs – We are getting to the bottom of tons of paper work to get Mishayla in Texas A&M. It was awesome to celebrate Elisa’s birthday in the Hotel this last weekend. Her birthday is on the 11th of April, but we will be in Colombia.

Lows – Emery fell 15 fee from the 2nd story building, he only hurt his lip, Alvaro´s brother passing and Mark´s Mom´s heart condition. 🙁


2 Prayer requests – Pray for Corban in Colombia and for our presentations of music, preaching, work shops etc. May God help us. Pray for Olivia that has to raise her support to come as an intern with Inca Link this summer :).


Goals Met – We had a great meeting with the board of Inca Link International, we prepared our sermons for CLA in Colombia, we had meetings with Interns, Patrick arrived to Ecuador :), a meeting with Youth Specialties Ecuador and a meeting with the staff of Inca Link International.


Intensely Focused,

Rich and Elisa