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Terrific Tuesday 9-24-14

Happy Tuesday from a stormy Quito!

As always God is working and we thank Him for allowing us to see His hand in so many areas of Inca Link. Here are some things to highlight this week.

  • Cumbre Alta game. even though we lost, we played well with one player less. This weekend we play for third place.
  • Montañita Verde – we are thankful for all that has been happening there. Now pray for transition and that the ministry will be in our name soon. 
  • Amijaí – great women´s meeting – If you want to see some great pictures, look up Meylin´s facebook. 
  • World Race is finishing up in Ecuador – and going to our IL Colombia team soon. 
  • Pray for Saccsaras who are raising support and teams and interns in the U.S. now.
  • MANÁ – They had some visitors from Lima who had given gifts at Christmas time. 
  • Elim – they cleaned up the soccer court and took out bucketfuls of glass. They gave Bibles to the kids in Brent´s class. 
  • Mandi – pray that she gets better. She has missed several days of school and is now on antibiotics.
  • Ninawachi – has a huge retreat next weekend at El Refugio. Pray as they lost a student this last week too. 
  • Silvano Espíndola will be doing 3 events this weekend. Two for youth and one for parents. Pray that it is well attended and we will all learn new things.
  • Julie Volstad´s brother Kevin died this last week. It was truly a miracle that he lived as long as he did, but it doesn´t make missing him any easier. Pray for Julie and her family.


30 for 30 update


  • 12 inquiries
  • 9 confirmed: Colombia 1, Peru 1, Ecuador 7

Summer Interns:

  • 16 inquiries
  • 2 confirmed: Colombia 1, Peru 1

We need 28 more interns! That´s a lot! HELP!
We need 21 more teams.

Rich is in Honduras, so this email is coming to you without pictures…pray for him and the ministry in Honduras this week.


Elisa and Rich