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Terrific Tuesday – Late February

(Originally written in Spanish, quickly translated…)

Hello all of Inca Link 🙂

I hope you had a good week.


  1. We are moving forward with fundraising for Pasitos de Fe.
  2. The World Race is finishing its time in Peru, I hope to talk to them on Saturday.
  3. Youth Specialties Ecuador is moving and people are registering. Do not forget you have until March 1st with the discounted rate of only $ 25. After March 1st it climbs to $ 30, then $ 35 in May.
  4. Nicho and Chochi got married this Saturday! How exciting!
  5. Lisa Merritt is completing her recruiting tour.
  6. Mandi led several of her students from kindergarten to the Lord this week!

Have a nice week blessed by God.

Intensely Focused 🙂

Rich and Elisa