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Terrific Tuesdays 2-8-22

¡Feliz Maravilloso Martes! Estamos con Will and Amanda Eason in Manta at their project, Bonsai. We have a few questions to ask:

  • What is Bonsai? Bonsai is an after-school program. We have children from ages 3-16 that come every day. We have 3 things that we focus on:
    • Education. We’re hoping to help these children break the cycles of poverty to be able to maybe graduate high school and possibly go to university one day.
    • Work alongside the families. We want to walk alongside them so they can be healthy families, they can be the parents they need to be for their kids, they can work and not worry about what their kids are doing in the afternoon when school is out.
    • Pointing them to Jesus. We have biblical time, a time to talk to them about Jesus, hear from his word, and we try to connect their parents to our church so they can begin to grow and know him better.
  • Bonsai is an amazing project that brings in at-risk kids and serves the whole family through education and a relationship with Jesus!
  • How can people get involved in Bonsai? Now we are looking at trying to start bringing in short-term teams again to come and work with us. One of the big things we try to do with teams is find a way to plug them into the ministries so they can be catalysts for ongoing ministries. We want to find out what skill sets or careers people from your church have that we can use to deepen relationships with the families that we work with and continue to grow those relationships. We are also really big on interns; an internship allows people to come in and see how missions works in a more in-depth way. If anyone is interested in connecting with Bonsai financially, sponsorship is a really good way to do that. You can learn more aquí.
  • We hope that you will get involved with Bonsai. It is one of our ministries that is actually breaking the cycles of poverty, and we are super grateful for the Eason’s and what they are doing. Learn more about internships aquí. Learn more about short-term trips aquí.

We hope you have an excellent week! God bless you.