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Terrific Tuesdays 3-8-22

Happy Terrific Tuesday, and happy international women’s day! We’re here with Kiki, one of our missionaries at Bonsai in Manta, Ecuador. She works with the Easons , donde siempre albergamos niñas menores de edad, queríamos alcanzar también a sus familias para tener un largo alcance en ese ministerio. También en Anna, and she was our first missionary resident!

  • What is a resident missionary and what is that about? A resident missionary is someone who wants to go on the mission field, but doesn’t know exactly where or how long that looks like. The program is for 1-2 years to try out what God might be calling you to do to see if it’s for long-term.
  • What did you do on your residency? I knew I was being called to Ecuador. I didn’t know when, where, who or what, so I got in contact with Inca Link. With them, we decided I would serve 3 months in Quito to see if I liked that ministry, 3 months in Manta to see if I liked this ministry, and then I would pick where I wanted to stay for the rest of the 6 months. I have been in Manta ever since!
  • Anybody out there who feels like God is calling them to missions, try out our residency program! Contact us for more information.

We love you! Have a great week.