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Terrific Tuesdays 5-21-19

Hi to all,

Hope you are having a good year so far. Here are some of the latest updates with Inca Link:

  1. Inca Thakhi is building a small classroom for the younger ages – 2 to 6 year olds, and Mishayla will be leading this group.
  2. Anna Jacobson is asking for prayer for strength to continue forward with the Bonsai families. There are two families that attended the church for the first time.
  3. La familia Saccsaras have taken some new materials to the villages of Illapampa and Huanta in Ayacucho with Quechua churches. Pray for the fruit and their literacy program.
  4. Cumbre Alta is first place in the standings this year. Good job Cumbre Alta! Pray for the women’s team, they just had their first friendly match.
  5. We want to welcome officially to the team – Daniel and Melody Taube. They are former missionaries to Argentina, parents of Nate (one of our missionaries), and heading to Costa Rica once they do their fundraising. Praise the Lord for country number 2 being opened in 2020!!
  6. Link Year finishes their final debrief today!  We feel so blessed to have this great team.  Please pray for them, that there would be much fruit from their time on the Link Year, and also in their own lives.  It is an amazing program of 9 months of discipleship and service.

Highs – Josiah’s graduation, being together as a family although we missed Alexa!
Lows – This week we received news from a family we love who are suffering a terrible circumstance in their life. We feel impotent and wish to help heal and walk with them.

3 Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for Alexa on her senior trip.
  2. Josiah as he runs the camp program at Beulah Beach.
  3. The family mentioned above.

Goals met for the Kingdom of Christ and Inca Link – Meetings with ILI, unified story, potential missionaries for Casa Elizabeth, Kairos course (we are almost done with 30 graduates next Monday), finishing the Entre Nosotras year this Wednesday (this has been a key ministry for 12 years at the Alliance Academy with mothers who are seeking truth..so hard to leave), selling things for home assignment, Alexa ran a whole yard sale for us and did great, packing and taking suitcases to the U.S., we did a missions week with Stonecrest Church in the jungle. My (Elisa’s) cousins came to the jungle and we killed it digging ditches and water canals. Meeting with ILE.

Abrazos to all!

Intensely Focused,
Rich and Elisa