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Terrific Tuesdays 8-6-19

Happy Terrific Tuesday everyone! This week we have seen God’s hand in many ways and we are awestruck that He continues to use ordinary people for His extraordinary purposes!


  1. We are so thankful for our summer interinos! Mathias, Valeria, Faith, Hope, Braeden, Maria, Ashley, Raegan, Lee, Mary, Taylor, Elizabeth and Susanna have worked hard and have grown while helping us grow as well.  Thank you guys! Come back!
  2. Kiki is our resident intern and is settling in Ecuador.  Please pray for her Spanish and overall adjustment.  She is a bundle of energy and a fun optimist to have around.
  3. We had our first equipo en Honduras!  Thanks W church for stepping out in faith and blessing Daniel along with so many in Honduras.  We hope to see you again!
  4. We have enjoyed spending time with Todd Sovine (Inca Link international’s board chair) and his family, and pick their brains about how to improve, be more relevant and continue to grow.
  5. It’s been wonderful to be reunited with Mark and Olivia who are about to celebrate 4 years of marriage!  Also nice to be back together with Alexa and to see Josiah several times this summer.  We had such a great time in Canada at a family reunion and now with Rich’s family in Virginia. We are so blessed!
  6. Reconnecting with churches and people who have been part of our team is an absolute delight and a great part of tour! Thanks Glen and Michelle Merrill, Ron and Susan Raymer,  David Trainer,  Xavier Godoy, Julianne Judge, Bart and Candice McKelvey, Steve McKnight, Jeff and Brianna McCracken, Scott Wakeley,  Brad Stevenson and Pastor Carly, Alex and Mili Cabezas, Betty Morejon, Daniel and Yolie Garrido, Kurt Trempert, Bob and Marylin Trempert  – to name a few.
  7. We are picking up a car that has been lent to us for the year! Thanks to pastor Nate Conklin and the Spring Grove Area Alliance Church!

Lows:  I can’t think of any!!

Prayer requests: 

  1. Travel to Florida to settle in.
  2. Take Alexa to college.

Things accomplished: connecting with family, interviews with several people thinking of joining our team, meeting with SAD tour leadership, driving, preparing for tour, going through boxes of Corban/Inca Link stuff/keepsakes and purging.

Hugs to everyone and may you have a great week!

Intensely focused,
Elisa and Rich