IncaLinkColombia1FORMAVIDA, which means “FORMING LIVES,” is the name of the organization we are partnered with in Bogota, Colombia. They have several compassion ministries which include working with children, drug and alcohol recovery group, young teen mothers, a T-shirt company, folkloric art purses and much more!INKCol-Logo-NoBCK-B.72ppi



Youth Workshops are classes we provide every Saturday for teens on drug addiction, sexuality, romantic relationships, sexual abuse, and more.  We also do activities so that we can get closer to the youth and open up conversations with them.  Above all, the workshops teach values that can help change lives.

Fixing Up Homes for Those in Need  We have started working to improve the homes of families in need.  We gather resources such as food, beds, toiletries, clothes, and construction materials.  We then meet with the family to share our values, work to improve the family’s living conditions, and bring them what they need.

Soup Kitchen Service serves the community not only through giving physical food, but also sharing what we believe.  We focus on caring for kids who come from dysfunctional or abusive homes.  The project costs about $2.50 per person served daily, and we are currently looking to raise funds to sustain the program.

Colombia HeaderAfter-School Life helps high school kids make good use of their time.  We plant and recover important values that are lost in society, protecting youth from dangerous influences from certain groups or cultures.  The daily cost of this project is about $1.15 per person.

Craft Work teaches youth to make backpacks or other artisan bags.  In this way, the kids can occupy their free time in a productive way, time that they previously spent involved with gangs or drugs.  For this project, we are looking for sponsors for the costs of tutors, materials, and places to sell the crafts.  Through this work, we have already seen 6 teens leave a life of drug addiction.

Santa Cecilia Community  You can visit this community to support different compassion ministries, such as working with kids and health teams.

“Mar” Soccer School develops sports skills in kids, while also bringing them a group of friends and a sense of community.

Project DICOCO supports and encourages employment for single moms, teaching them clothing design.  We focus on sports clothes and uniforms.  This project needs a great deal of support, as we are looking for trainers and contacts to sell the clothes.

Teams and Internships download welcome packet here:  Colombia Welcome Packet.