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Our Model

Contextualized Evangelism

Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and making disciples who do the same.

John 10:16

Training Leaders

Identifying and training individuals to grow into the person God made them to be.

Romans 12:4-5

Connecting People

Expanding the global Church by connecting people who know God and who have yet to know God.

Luke 6:38

Compassion Ministries

Caring for and serving people like Jesus modeled.

Matthew 25:40

Inca Link Ministries

Evangelism  |  Discipleship

Inca Link Countries

Mobilizing  |  Planting

Inca Link International

Equipping  |  Resourcing

Inca Link International equips and resources our national Inca Link countries.

Inca Link countries mobilize leaders to plant Inca Link ministries.

Inca Link ministries care for people through contextualized evangelism and discipleship.