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Identify and disciple future leaders in small communities, empowering their lives in the immediate development of their gifts and talents, and continuously providing resources to encourage them to become productive members who impact their surroundings with the love of Christ.


To be promoters of entrepreneurship and transform hearts in each community with the love of Christ in order to give them a future and hope.


1. Provide immediate social assistance and guidance, prioritizing the specific needs of the beneficiaries.

2. Provide entrepreneurship tools so that each member can help themselves and their families financially.

3. Encourage a culture of love and dependence on God through the tools of evangelism and discipleship.

4. Integration in the local church and permanence in it.

5. Activities of integration, unity and service between the beneficiaries and the organization.

Know their name. Know their need.

Join us in many different capacities:


Amijai 2024_Brenda Moya Limo
Brenda Moya Limo
Amijai 2024_Anghela Zavaleta
Ánghela Zavaleta (Gigi)
Amijai 2024_Violeta Alejandra Villena
Violeta Alejandra Villena
Amijai 2024_Alexandra Gutiérrez Sánchez
Alexandra Gutiérrez Sánchez
Amijai 2024_Yanet Moya Limo
Yanet Natividad Moya Limo
Volunteer Teacher
Amijai 2024_Darling Rodriguez Vasquez
Darling Rodriguez Vasquez
Amijai 2024_Daniela Gutiérrez Sánchez
Daniela Alejandra Gutiérrez Sánchez
Amijai 2024_Tanya Alvarado Chavez
Tanya Alvarado Chavez
Amijai 2024_Maria Limo Tesen
Maria Limo Tesen

Ministry Special Projects

Amijai Scholarships

This fund will support a few students to receive university studies while they work as a mentors in Amijai.

How To Support General Ministry Operations

Donate VIA Check

Mail a check payable to Inca Link International, P.O. Box 1321, Boone, NC 28607. Write “Amijai” in the memo of the check. 

Donate via digital platform

Please use the form below to customize and confirm your monthly or one-time donation.

Inca Link International, Inc. is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization. Our tax ID is 27-4210917. All contributions to Inca Link International, Inc. are income tax deductible and are made with the understanding that Inca Link International, Inc. has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. Unless otherwise specified, no goods or services were provided in exchange for donations.