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Global Outreach Teams


The primary goal of any Global Outreach trip must be to glorify God.

It is the heart of everyone at Inca Link that every trip taken around the globe is an extension of God’s Kingdom and a tool to glorify Him. To this point, we believe that every individual that participates in a global outreach trip (formerly known as a Short-Term Missions Trip) is taking a step in their discipleship journey.

Therefore, we work very hard to help you and your team prepare your hearts to glorify God on your trip and beyond. We are praying for every leader and participant and it is our genuine hope that you are inspired to expand God’s Kingdom and His glory wherever you are called.


Guidance in selecting a global outreach site for your team or family.

Curriculum materials to help prepare for your trip and to grow and reflect afterwards.

Opportunities to connect with the field to plan specifically with the gifts and talents of your group in mind.

A Global Outreach Coach to help guide your team throughout the stages of your global outreach experience. (*limited availability).

All logistics, housing, meals, transportation and ministry experiences once abroad.

Opportunity for a growing partnership with us in reaching the 300 million youth of Latin America with Christ’s irresistible love.

Global Outreach Teams FAQs

Inca Link currently partners with global outreach teams throughout Latin America.

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Inca Link partners with global outreach teams from churches (adult, multi-generational, men’s or women’s ministry groups, youth groups, etc.), schools & universities, sports-teams, clubs/organizations, businesses/corporations, medical/dental groups, and families.

Team size can vary with the type of group and the location in which they serve. An average sized team is typically between 10-12 individuals, but smaller and larger teams can be accommodated in many of our locations. Some sites can only manage teams of 12 or less. We have a few sites that can accommodate large teams of 40 or more.

Trip prices vary by location and number of days. Please fill out the form below to request current pricing and more information.

The trip cost includes in-country ground transportation, lodging, meals, activities & ministry funds, travel insurance and more. Airfare is not included.

Global Outreach Team housing may vary from site to site, but all will include safe housing with toilets, running water, electricity and showers. Many of our sites feature dorm-style housing with bunk beds, while others may feature small houses, apartments or guest houses.

Our Global Outreach trips typically run between 7-10 days, depending on the location. Sometimes, we can arrange for shorter or longer trips, depending on the time of year and the ministry involved.

Inca Link encourages teams of all ages, and we love when families and multigenerational teams have the opportunity to serve side by side. Most of our sites can accommodate various age-ranges, but some have limitations. We do ask that children be at least 14 years of age to travel with an adult who is not a parent, ages 10-13 have at least one parent on the team and that children 9 & under have both parents along.

Trips can be arranged in most locations year-round, although some sights will have specific black-out dates. During the summer months, we have specific blocks of dates for trips, in order to give our ministry leaders time to rest between visitors.

Ministry activities may look a little different at each site, but most will include opportunities to share Jesus with children through VBS type activities, serve in a hands-on way with basic construction, painting and repair projects, may include women’s activities, sports, skills training, medical/dental service, vocational training, carpentry, etc. Much of what you will be doing depends on the needs of the field and the special skills and talents God has gifted you with.

While this can vary, most days include breakfast, a time of morning devotions, a morning ministry activity, lunch and a brief rest, an afternoon ministry activity, time to clean-up before dinner, an evening meal followed by a time of gathering, worship and debrief before bed.

Yummmmy! This question makes my mouth water! Seriously, though…most of the meals will be prepared by local cooks and will reflect the various cultural dishes from that region, with a few North American style meals here or there. While specific recipes and flavor profiles can vary greatly throughout Latin America, staples include meats and fish/seafood, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and starches including rice, potatoes, corn and grains.

U.S. citizens should visit to apply for or renew a U.S. passport at least 6 months prior to your trip.

Canadian citizens should visit the Canadian Goverment Website to learn more.

Please note: passports must have at least 6 months validity remaining from the time of the trip in order to enter most countries.

We recommend that all participants be up-to-date on all standard & CDC recommended vaccinations for all locations.

All teams will be offered access to our team preparation curriculum, including a team leader’s guide, pre and post trip participant guides and a 30 day post-trip devotional tool. Teams will have the opportunity to “meet” electronically with hosts from their ministry sites, will receive Welcome Guides with sample schedules, packing guides and country specific information and many teams will have the opportunity (based on availability) to partner with a Global Outreach Coach* who will participate in pre-trip training, be on-site during your trip and will follow-up with you once you return home with post-trip development opportunities.

*New for 2023!

How Can I Learn More?

Please fill out the form below to be contacted about a 30-minute video call to see how you and your team can best serve.