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Runa Simi


Reaching the people groups of Peru with the Word of God in their own languages. We support the indigenous churches and church leaders to plant evangelize, plant churches, and train workers.


To reach villages still not reached by the Gospel. Villages that no one else is reaching or helping with the Word of God in their own language. Runa Simi offers studies in Quechua, all our materials are in Quechua, and we go to the villages where the Quechua live. We strive for the Quechua to know Christ through our different ministries, for them to know that they are not alone there in the high mountains. That Jesus has a plan for their lives, and that they will be with Jesus in eternity.


We have four main programs: Translation, Communications, Literacy and Discipleship.

In the first two programs we strive to produce materials in their own languages and dialects, written, audio, and video materials.

In Literacy, the Quechua learn how to read the Bible and Bible based materials. New readers receive a Quechua Bible when they learn to read.

In our discipleship program, we work training leaders (women, youth, and children) about Jesus and they are able to then teach others in their communities. We provide tools that they need to teach others in their churches and communities.

Know their name. Know their need.

Join us in many different capacities:


Pablo & Kusi Saccsara