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Inca Link Perú Ministries

Inca Link Perú (ILP) is located in the cities of Trujillo and Lima. For the past decade, ILP has been committed to serving the people of Trujillo and Lima with the undying love of Christ. The ILP compound in Trujillo hosts the ministries in the area, houses volunteers, and adapts to the needs of the community.


Amijai seeks to identify, disciple, train, and connect future leaders from different underdeveloped communities to a church.


Elim seeks to generate a comprehensive community impact through the gospel and sustainable development actions.

Inca Thakhi

Inca Thakhi is an outdoor discipleship camp ministry with the passion to see God's love spread.


Mana exists to provide comprehensive discipleship based on the physical and spiritual needs of children and adolescents from different vulnerable sectors.

Misión Más Vida

Our mission on earth is to announce the gospel of Jesus Christ in a truly relevant way so that people become His faithful disciples.

Runa Simi

Reaching the people groups of Peru with the Word of God in their own languages.

Perú Other Ministries

Church Ministries partnering up with the local Alliance Churches in Lima and Trujillo, Perú, and training youth leaders is one of our primary goals in Inca Link. Inca Link provides scholarships for youth leaders who are interested in gaining a broader Biblical knowledge, sends key leaders to conferences to receive tools to increase the effectiveness of their ministries along with serving in their local communities.

Know their name. Know their need.

Join us in many different capacities:

Perú Quick Facts

  • Potatoes originated in Peru; there are over 3000 varieties grown there!
  • The highest mountain peak in Peru is Mt. Huascaran at 22,205 ft (6,768 m).
  • It takes an average of 550 hours to make a traditional Peruvian woven poncho with natural dyes made of plants, minerals and insects.
  • Cerro Blanco, in Southern Peru, is the highest sand dune in the world at 3860 ft. (1176.6 m)
  • Cuy (Guinea Pig) is a traditional holiday food in Peru.

How To Support General Ministry Operations

Donate VIA Check

Mail a check payable to Inca Link International, P.O. Box 1321, Boone, NC 28607. Write “Perú General” in the memo of the check. 

Donate via digital platform

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