Costa Rica

Inca Link Costa Rica (ILCR) operates in the capital city of San José, Costa Rica. The goal of ILCR is to build partnerships with local churches, help them reach the next generation through different youth programs, build relationships with the people of the community, and develop national leaders to take on ministry roles.
Inca Arte: Inca Arte is a mixture of art and discipleship, using the Bible as inspiration to create art masterpieces. Art is a form of therapy. It also allows us to connect more with God as we create beautiful works of art just as He created us to be His beautiful works of art. Our vision is to provide children and youth with the materials and atmosphere to experience God through their own creating.
Basketball Club: Los Tucanes Basketball Club teaches basketball skill development to children and youth. Our mission is to use the sport of basketball to both connect and build relationships with children in our community. We have also made connections and built relationships with the parents of those who participate in this ministry. We are using these newly-formed relationships to start Bible studies and continue gospel-centered conversations.