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Mail check payable to Inca Link International, P.O. Box 1321, Boone, NC 28607. Write “Corban” in the memo of the check.


The Corban band was birthed from a group of guys that wanted to use music to take the message of Jesus to others. It began in the year 2000, and the founding members had no idea how big this band would get! They began with a few members trying to take music to the small churches around them in the same city. It was difficult, as they had to get permission from their churches to miss a Sunday, or miss a weekday service. A couple of times they left without the blessing of the church and that created problems.

As they matured, and began doing evangelistic concerts, they realized that they were good and that this was a good way to get the gospel message out. God began creating in them a heart for missions. As they grew, some members left the band and others were added. Seven years ago the current members became the constant members of the band.

They made a commitment to go to the areas where other bands would not go. They wanted to go to small towns and villages and sing for Jesus. The possibilities opened up for them to go to a small city about 3 hours away, and that was amazing. They never realized that after 10 years they would have made it to 6 countries and done hundreds of concerts in English and Spanish. They have sung in front of 10,000 people in a stadium, and have sung to 5 people in a small home. One of their favorite experiences was when they went to a town of 600 people in Bramadora, Ecuador and 400 were at their concert.

Five of the band members are full time Christian workers, three in missions and two in music ministry. The missionary band members aspire to make it to the Muslim world as workers in the future. The band members are mostly from Peru, but also have members from Ecuador and Argentina.

You can find 3 of their 4 CD productions on Itunes, etc., as they have produced 4 albums in the last 5 years. Their music is a mix of latino music, salsa, worship music, covers and their own songs written from their own life experiences.