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inca link’s gap year experience


I signed up for Link Year to do something that I’ve had a passion for since my first missions trip: serve others. I was about to graduate and wasn’t ready to apply for my next bit of school when I saw the ad for this program. I applied then and there and am so glad I did. I’m grateful for the opportunities this trip has given me to serve others, learn more about God and His faithfulness and to grow as a person.” – Jordyn, 21

Calling all 18-22 year olds!  Are you a high school senior who is unsure if starting college next year is right for you?  Are you a college student who needs a break?  Are you a college senior who is searching for what the Lord has for you next? Are you looking to be discipled and grow in your walk with God? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have an amazing opportunity for you!  Inca Link wants to invite you to take a Link Year and join us in reaching the least of these.  Our Linkers serve for 8 months in 3 different countries.  Through serving a Link Year, we believe you will learn about how the Lord has wired you and where He may be calling you to next.  So, take a break from school or work and come serve!

‘Gap Year’ was never part of my vocabulary in regards to my future. I had been accepted to college, found a roommate, registered my classes, and was ready without a doubt in my mind. But, I found that as much as I had dreamed of going to college directly after high school, there was something that I felt was off about what I had planned for myself. Not too long after, I found out about Link Year from one of my longest friends. Without any desire to change my plans, I had an immediate assurance about Link Year being what God was directing me towards for my 2017-18 school year. Nothing about Link Year was what I dreamed of or desired. But the way that God has worked through this time, the people, and places that Link Year has brought into my life has been exactly what I needed without knowing so until living it.” – Katie Beth, 19


  • Want more information? Click here to download a Link Year Information Guide.
  • Availability: this is an 8-month commitment from October to May
  • Cost: $8750*
  • For an additional $1250, a Linker could extend their trip and visit Machu Picchu in Peru. The Linker would be responsible for booking his or her flight home from Cuzco

*Cost does not include transportation to Raleigh or flights home from Peru. The Linker is responsible for getting to Raleigh for the training and purchasing flights from Peru back home.


link year 2018-2019 schedule:

  • October 8-11: Training in Pinehurst, NC (one hour from Raleigh, NC)
  • October 12: Leave for South America!
  • October 12th-December 1: Colombia
  • December 1- February 24: Ecuador
  • February 25- May 21: Peru
  • May 16- 21: Debrief in Peru
  • May 21: Return home
  • Optional – May 21-25: Visit Machu Picchu; May 26: Return home

I didn’t come on this trip to talk to people about God and I’m not a Christian. But I came because I wanted to learn, and the things I wanted to learn about can’t be taught from a college classroom. I have learned a lot through Link year. I’ve learned about culture, I’ve learned about serving and loving others, I’ve been able to see how the different programs in each location are working and bringing so much hope to the communities they are in, and I’ve been able to see how I can connect the gap between myself and everyone else I meet in this world that is smaller than it seems. I still don’t know where I’m going from here but I’m grateful to everyone we’ve met for getting me this far. And I’m just really happy to be here.” – Bea, 19 

next steps: 

If you are interested in serving for a Link Year, complete the application below.  For questions, email Lindsey at


Inca Link provides you with the opportunity to connect deeply with a ministry and invest your time and energy into serving people on the mission field. We hope you’ll join us!