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OUR Team

Daniel Ascencio & Nayeli Urquizo

Family Members:  Alec

Country of Origin:  Perú

Favorite Food From Country of Service:  Baleadas and Indian chicken broth

Favorite Activity to do in Country of Service:  Play with our local leadership, kids and teens

Daniel and Nayeli serve in Honduras in different communities as well as in the local church.

La Sierra (Literacy and Bible School): This is a community where they do not have electricity, water, drainage or other basic services. There is also a lot of illiteracy and that is why, at the request of the children themselves, they started a literacy program so that they can learn to read and write; as well as conducting Bible schools.

Casa Onesíforo (Támara): Támara is a city that contains 3 prisons in Honduras (for men, women and minors). In the midst of this context, Casa Onesíforo has been built, which is sharing the love of Christ in a practical way through a feeding program for boys and girls. This program is being led by Carlos and Alejandra, who have a great passion for the new generations of this community.

Biblical Academy: Daniel and Nayeli attend the C&MA church of Pueblo Viejo in the mountains of Honduras, where they teach a Bible study to the brothers and sisters of the Lenca community.

Youth group: Over the course of 2 years, they formed 5 different youth groups in the mountains of Honduras that now have their own leadership. Now what Daniel and Nayeli do is coordinate different activities that help the leaders to continue growing in their ministry.

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