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OUR Team

Rich Brown & Elisa Shannon Brown

Inca Link International Presidents & Founders  |  Regional Developers for Central and South America

Family Members:  Olivia, Mark, Elias Jones; Mishayla, Josiah, Alexa Brown

Country of Origin:  Rich: Ecuador; Elisa: Argentina

Favorite Food From Country of Service:  Rich: Ceviche from Ecuador and Peru; Elisa: Argentine Canelones

Favorite Activity to do in Country of Service:  Rich: Watching World Cup-level soccer; Elisa: Catching rays and waves on the beach

Rich and Elisa are missionaries with the Christian and Missionary Alliance; Rich under Envision in the U.S., and Elisa under the Canadian Alliance, where she also serves on the licensing and ordination board. They are also the directors of E625 Ecuador, the biggest resourcing organization for youth ministries in the Americas. 

As they go to each country of Latin America for 1-3 months, they encourage others, do some member care and training with missionaries and staff at the different ministries, preach and teach, and also train families, leaders, and the next generation. They work as scouts looking for new countries to open for Inca Link. 

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