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OUR Team

Jose & Alexandra Castro

Inca Link Perú  |  Inca Thakhi  |  Missionaries  |  Directors

Country of Origin:  Jose: Perú; Alexandra: Canada

Favorite Food From Country of Service:  Peruvian Ceviche!

Favorite Activity to do in Country of Service:  Sandboarding

As International workers and the directors of Inca Thakhi, Alex and Jose have learned to use everything that God has already provided to show the world about the love of God. Through outdoor adventure sports and camp activities, they are able to disciple and teach others to disciple while developing the next generation of Christian leaders for the Glory of God.

How To Support

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Mail a check payable to Inca Link International, P.O. Box 1321, Boone, NC 28607. Write “Castro’s Ministry” in the memo of the check.

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