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OUR Team

Steve & Christy Volstad

ILI Staff  |  Pastoral Care and Shepherding Director; Member Care Director

Country of Origin:  Steve: Born in Chile. Grew up in New York; Christy: United States

Favorite Food From Country of Service:  Steve: Pulled Pork Tacos; Christy: Ceviche and Flan

Favorite Activity to do in Country of Service: Steve: Hiking, glamping, watching sports, working around the house and in the yard; Christy: Shopping in open air markets

My passion is to empower others to be all that God has created them to be, so that they will be more fulfilled, effective and content in life and ministry. Since we are living in the States, most of my times meeting with Inca Link staff and missionaries will be online. We will also take a few trips to Latin America throughout the year. The purpose of my meetings is to help our people as they consider different issues, opportunities, problems, etc. they are facing, and helping them come up with good ideas to move forward in a way that will result in healthy relationships and ministries moving forward.

As the Director of Member Care, I oversee the mental and emotional wellbeing of Inca Link’s staff and missionaries by providing counseling, referrals, and resources. By working closely with the team leaders of each ministry location, needs for member care can be identified and made available to their workers. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I provide direct care to workers as well as assisting with proper referrals and helpful resources so that the worker’s member care needs can be met. I also provide periodic trainings to assist in the ongoing growth, development, and health of the workers within Inca Link.

How To Support

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