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Job Description: Quinta Casablanca Coordinators

Position Expectations:

Seasonal with potential of extended year-round; Support Raised Salary; On Location in Quito, Ecuador; Travel required as needed.

Position Summary:

The Coordinators of Quinta Casablanca play an integral role in the team of Inca Link Ecuador. This role runs the operations of the guest house in Quito, Ecuador. More than a guest house, Quinta Casablanca is a place where people experience extreme hospitality, Christ’s love, and a safe place to explore the work happening in Inca Link. This individual ensures the seamless operations of teams, interns, Linkers, and other missional formation programs. These individuals have a passion for developing people, help to develop healthy structure for Short-Term Missions, and aim to be a bridge between people, cultures, and languages. The Coordinators of Quinta Casablanca coordinate closely with the Executive Director of Ecuador and work closely with the Developers of Inca Link, field missionaries, and national leaders. This position often requires work outside of normal business hours and requires occasional travel. At this time, the position is for the summer season but ideally will be extended into a year-round role.

Skills, Characteristics Required for Position:

Strong understanding of Inca Link’s ministry goals; willingness to travel as needed; experience with Short-Term Missions Trips; value and practice hospitality; excellent communication, public relations, and listening skills; demonstrated ability to cope with and manage change; ability to build and maintain relationships with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures; emotionally mature and self-motivated. Bilingual in Spanish and English preferred.

Above all a follower of Christ.


The Coordinators of Quinta Casablanca exist to empower, equip, and host global outreach participants to bring glory to God and grow his Kingdom in Quito, Ecuador. They work with the Executive Director of Ecuador to expand Quinta Casablanca’s reach in Quito, Ecuador, Latin America and beyond.

Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Be kind and hospitable to make all people feel welcome.
  • Coordinate hospitality logistics, calendar; administrate the costs, budget, and payments of Casablanca.
  • Facilitate check-in and check-out of all guests.
  • Organize and plan the feeding of guests, including food shopping and menu, and cleaning.
  • Oversee the cleaners and ensure the house is clean and maintained well.
  • Oversee cooking staff and ensure the food is appropriate in portions and quality.
  • Coordinate with the Casa Elizabeth team to ensure that all the property maintenance is managed, including gardner, gate entry, parking, neighborhood community, gates, property rules and hours, etc.
  • Be an ambassador for the country of Ecuador, for Inca Link Ecuador, and for Inca Link International.
  • Facilitate transportation for teams including airport runs.
  • Coordinate with the Executive Director and Global Outreach Leaders to create the team schedule; hospital visits; grocery store runs; transportation to work sites, schools, tourism, etc.
  • Coordinate a strategic plan for future development and appropriate use of the property with the Executive Director and Director of Casa Elizabeth.
  • Finances – raise funds to come down and help raise funds for the ministry.
  • Disciple and invest in participants and teams, potentially including debrief, devotionals, etc.
  • Help recruit local churches, groups and teams to use the property.