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Global Outreach Coaching internship


Grow Deeper to Go Deeper. 

Deepen your relationship with God and strengthen your ability to reach those around you with the life-changing hope found in Jesus Christ.


Personalized Discipleship by Global Outreach Coaches

Strengthened foundation to follow Christ

Evangelism tools

Spanish language skills

Varied ministry experiences in multiple Latin American countries

Opportunities to learn from Inca Link missionaries and national staff

Coordination of all Housing, Transportation, Meals, and Ministry Assignments

On-Field Medical and Travel Insurance

Opportunity to partner with us in reaching the 300 million youth of Latin America with Christ’s irresistible love

A Global Outreach Coaching Intern works under the guidance of a Global Outreach Coach and Local Missionaries as part of a team developing deep formation in people’s lives, promoting healthy structure for Short-Term Missions, and serving as a bridge between people, cultures, and languages.

GOC Interns walk beside short-term teams and help them process their field experience emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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Global Outreach Coaching Internship FAQs

Coaching Interns typically serve when teams are scheduled, primarily in the Spring and/or Summer months.

Global Outreach Coaching Interns begin their internship training with one of our Coaches either stateside or on the field and then will travel to one or more Latin American countries to coach global outreach teams as they partner in ministry with Inca Link ministry sites. Specific countries will be determined and assigned as teams are scheduled.

Your schedule may vary based on your assignments and the teams you will work with. Some Global Outreach Coaching Interns may be placed in one country for their entire season, serving various teams in our ministry locations within that country. Others may travel between several countries, serving teams at multiple sites.

Global Outreach Coaching Interns must be at least 18 years of age.

The Global Outreach Coaching Intern will support the local ministries and missionaries by walking alongside global outreach teams during their field experience. A Global Outreach Coaching Intern will be with the team the entire time the group stays on the field and will be responsible for their overall care.

These responsibilities include taking care of the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of the team. Keeping open lines of communication with the nationals, the team leaders, and the team members is very important. We encourage you to challenge the team, guide them, encourage them, and help them process what they are experiencing by debriefing each night.

We want you to be a Godly example and an encouragement to the team leaders, team members and the nationals. When taking the teams to different ministry sites and tourist attractions, they will need to be well-informed of details that make the experience memorable for the team.

Being a Christ-like servant to teams and nationals alike is one of the most important qualities in this position. Some examples of this are: sacrificing comfort (bed, food, mosquito net, seat on the bus, etc.), taking direction from nationals, displaying a positive attitude, being flexible, being prepared for the unexpected, or having a devotional/testimony ready to share at all times.

You may have the opportunity to join in the pre-field and post-field training and development of the teams you work with, based on the schedule.

Cost varies depending on assignment, length of stay and number of locations served. A full budget will be provided, but in general it will include your meals, lodging, training, insurance, in-country transportation, ministry activities and flights.

Pre-field training consists of an at-your-own-pace online program followed by training meetings with your assigned Global Outreach Coach. It may also include shadowing a Global Outreach Coach during pre, on or post-field experiences. On-site training will occur once in your country or countries of service and will include some brief language and ministry training.