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Terrific Tuesday 1-6-15

10917806_767152099986769_9047171882380843847_oHappy New Years to all of our friends of Inca Link Global,

God has amazing plans for Inca Link Global in this new year 2015. Here are some of the things he is already doing.

  1. There were 42 people for almost a month at Casa Blanca from the World Race. They left this morning, and another group around the same size arrives on Saturday the 10th of January. Fabian, Mabe, Gustavo and Andrea have been very busy.
  2. Michael, a guy who served last month in Colombia arrived yesterday to Ecuador where he will serve in the Jungle for a while.
  3. For Christmas and New years there were a lot of parties, gifts and activities in our ministries with Inca Link Peru. See pic.
  4. The Intern Reunion was held over New years and it was a success. There were almost 20 interns or future interns. Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 4.31.38 PMThanks to Luke and Jess for hosting it and doing a fantastic job. We have a lot to celebrate with our interns and a lot to pray for as they transition into life back in North America. See pic.
  5. We are going to have a month full of interns. We have 3 in Quito, 2 in the jungle, one comes today, and Brandon comes on the 13th. We thank God for providing these servants.
  6. Montañita Verde – the Children´s home in Manta, Ecuador closed its doors thanks to the great work of the Eason´s and the staff there. We thank God for the privilege of serving Him as we served these children in need.
  7. We raised money for the shoes for the kids in the three countries – Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. We did not reach the goal but got almost half of the way to the goal and will be able to bless many kids with a new pair of shoes.

Highs and Lows

Highs – It was one of the best times of rest that we have had in our lives – this whole Christmas and New years´season. Mishayla surprised us for Christmas 🙂 – thanks to the Bryans family and the Inca Link board.

Lows – The distance of our kids during the holiday season gets harder and harder. We realize that we only have Josiah at home for 6 more months, then we will have 3 out of the home – and will be left with only Alexa.

2 Prayer requests – Pray for Alexa and Josiah to end well in this school year. Pray for us as the 1st of July we will go back to North America on Home Assignment to give reports and raise money for the ministry. We have to find a place to stay, a car to drive, school for Alexa, University for Josiah etc.

Goals for Inca Link and the Kingdom of God – We traveled to Manta to help with the transition of the home there.  We organized the interns in the different countries.  We organized a place for the next Summit for EJ Ecuador (Youth Specialties Ecuador), planned trips for 2015, and we took the girls from our teen pregnancy center, Casa Elizabeth, to the movies and ate supper together and celebrated Christmas with them.

Intensely Focused :),
Rich and Elisa