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Terrific Tuesday 5-13-14

For those of you who are new, we do the High’s and Lows every week to see how everyone is doing throughout all of Inca Link, then we summarize them and include them in this report every Tuesday.

10291052_760084367358222_7759417358259057436_nHI to all of the HEROES of Inca Link,

You are the ones who make Inca Link successful. We are thankful to the Lord for each and every one of you this week, and are thanking Him for you by name.

What a privilege to be used by God. He calls us to the ministry and gives us incredible opportunities like this weekend where he allowed us to stand in front of 2,000 youth leaders that can change the country and the world. Wow! Thanks God for this privilege.

What Inca Link Global is doing and what God is doing through us:

  • Elisa and I took Marcos Witt (probably the number one church song writer of Latin America) to the airport and he asked us a lot about Inca Link and Corban. He asked for a Corban CD and my cell number to stay in contact. See Picture.
  • 10176108_684475688283916_1790311473609228250_n
  • We had the Dream Team working with us on the 2nd National Summit for Youth Specialties Ecuador – See the Picture – They made us look good and worked really hard.
  • Over 2,000 youth leaders got to know the Inca Link Ecuador name because they had to register through Inca Link Ecuador and pay through us. Praise the Lord.
  • A team of an Extreme Sport in Ecuador is adopting Inca Link Ecuador and will raise money for our projects this November. They will put our logo on their shirts etc., and raise money for us.
  • In the Ninawachi Missions Institute we had a student go back home. Last week her 5 year old sister died. Let’s pray for the family.
  • The Amazing Race starts next week – Elisa and I will travel to Colombia to help get it started. We have 23 people starting the race with 17 racers.
  • Elim, the garbage dump ministry – took the mothers of the children to a medical check up and many of them need glasses. We are in the process of finding funds to help with this.
  • At Inca Thakhi, the camp Ministry, they celebrated Mother’s Day with the mom’s of the littlest kids. Pray for funds to repair the sand boards.
  • Amijai – children’s ministry of Victor Raul – The children arrive sometimes to the ministry all excited, and other days really depressed. Let’s pray for these kids.
  • Casa Elizabeth is preparing a wedding for Julie and Jorge.


Highs and Lows

Corban EJHigh’s – There couldn’t have been a better weekend ministry in our lives where we have had a greater influence for the gospel of Christ than last weekend. We invested in the lives of 2,000 youth leaders that will impact their churches and country. God is good. A part of this high was we got to work along side of some amazing friends and workers. It was awesome to serve and kill ourselves with Corban this week as well. The 5th Corban CD will be the best; it’s awesome. Corban sang with Marco Barrientos (the most famous song writer for churches in Latin America) – the songe Te doy Gloria. Also Hillsong guys asked Corban to sing – I Will Sing, Sing, Sing (a Hillsong song). Lucas, Barrientos, Hillsong and many more gave great compliments to Corban. See picture.

Lows – Mabe had a piece of the roof fall on her back and it took she and Fabian out of the weekend work with EJ Youth Specialties. Let’s pray for Mabe’s recovery. Corban and Elisa and I ended the weekend exhausted.

Goals reached for the Kingdom of God

I had 300 youth leaders in my work shop, Elisa had 240 in hers. We helped organize the whole event called the 2nd Annual Youth Leaders Summit for Youth Specialties (EJ Ecuador). They will help us reach the 300 million youth of 10329055_758972407469418_6693677654874549070_nLatin America with Christ’s love. We met with the main session speakers about Inca Link. Barrientos invited us to his house in Dallas. We were able to celebrate and serve this weekend with some of our best friends in the World – the Inca Link Ecuador team and many more.

Intensely Focused :),
Rich and Elisa