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Terrific Tuesday 6-25-13

(Originally written in Spanish, quickly translated)

This will be the last Terrific Tuesday until the summer ends in August (all groups are full, interns, tours etc).

What God is doing in Inca Link and what we are living together:

  1. Next week we meet five years with Inca Link Ecuador – have grown a lot and know that God is working.
  2. IL Peru are buying a van / minivan .. going to be spectacular.
  3. Corban leaves this Thursday for the tour of Central and North America. Pray that we can meet the budget. 30 concerts in 33 days.
  4. The teams’ and interns’ progress in each country are blessing our projects.
  5. Cumbre Alta formed his official institution this past Sunday.
  6. Gustavo Cadena and Fabian Tamayo graduating this Saturday! Glory to God.
  7. Abigail, the daughter of Joseph & Heather will hopefully be coming home soon.  She is doing much better than expected.
  8. Welcome to Kayla Stevenson who is working as a volunteer in the U.S. with the office there.
  9. Tesoros – there is a possibility of adopting an orphanage in Manta. Pray.
  10. Johnny is in the Brazilian rainforest! Pray for Wine to Water will be going there with coverage of English news CNN.
Highs and Lows of the week – High – celebrating 23 years with my beloved wife and soul mate. My dad met 76 years TODAY. We celebrate 5 years with IL Ecuador .. cute time.
Low – I spent a lot of time singing with Corban, I’m tired.
2 Prayer Requests – Corban’s tour – God use us greatly to encourage those who are helping us reach 300 million young people in Latin America. We arrive on time to every concert and cover the budget which is the highest of our tours: (.
Hugs .. We can resume the Terrific Tuesday in August.
God Bless Each of you,
Rich and Lisa Brown