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Terrific Tuesday 9-15-15

Hi to all,

God is blessing. How are you? These are some of the blessings of Inca Link and God´s kingdom.

  1. We have an intern serving from Geneva college in Quito living with the Contag-Morales family.
  2. A group is donating $23,000 for the Ninawachi missions institute in the jungles of Ecuador to finish up the next building. Praise the Lord!
  3. Another group is wanting to give the money to buy a property in Milagro for future ministries of Elim, our garbage dump ministry in Peru.
  4. Pete Brokopp is in Ecuador to get to know the ministries and raise money for the Envision project, Bonsai, in Manta, Ecuador.

Highs – I am having a good ministry in the churches giving reports of what Inca Link and the mission are doing. Mishayla and Josiah were able to pay off this semester of college.

Lows – I´m away from my family :(.

2 Prayer requests – may God give me audiences to tell the stories of Inca Link and recruit people to come down and serve in missions. For Elisa that is preparing messages for a Women´s retreat and also teaching Alexa in homeschooling.

Goals for Inca Link and the kingdom of Christ – Skype meetings with Mireles, Eason´s, ILI and my mentor. Preaching in churches, small groups, children, etc., about what God is doing in and through Inca Link. Answering a lot of emails.

Intensely Focused,
Rich and Elisa