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Terrific Tuesday 9-3-13

(Originally written in Spanish, quickly translated.)


September is bringing us new challenges and opportunities:

We have 3 interns (Brandon arrived already – will be in Huaticocha, Melissa arrived already – will be in Ecuador and Peru, and Frannie will arrive on September 11th).

Young people are on a mission to Portoviejo Trujillo – Percy and Gem are leading the group.

Gustavo left yesterday for the U.S. and will be visiting Inca Link contacts – pray for divine appointments 🙂

Mandi’s school starts this week with many children who are open to the gospel.

The Piñeiros are with Visiting Orphans team this week.

Pray for official documents for Inca Link Peru to keep progressing.

Percy, Gem, Elisa and I are on the radio HCJB 2 – this Thursday at 6pm.

Youth Specialties convention will be October 24-27 …


Highs and Lows of the week

High – My kids started school yesterday – it is impressive to see the spiritual growth in Mishayla. She is growing in its leadership. We are proud of her.

Low – Yesterday we had to wait almost six hours for a landslide after the airport pick up Melissa: (.


Prayer request – Pray also for Gustavo’s trip to the U.S. where he will be meeting people and visiting many churches.

Ministry Goals Met This Week – Three workshops at the 5th National Conference Alliance Mission of Ecuador. It was nice to be with Gema, Percy, Aaron, Alvaro and many more Inca Link. We are looking for volunteers from abroad that could help in the management and administration of our children’s homes.

God bless you all,

Rich and Elisa Brown