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Terrific Tuesday Late February

(Originally written in Spanish, quickly translated…)

Hello All of Inca Link 🙂

I hope each of you are feeling the presence of God in their lives.

Week’s Highlights

  1. Nicho and Sonia got married! Congratulations.
  2. Eight people were converted in an indigenous town in eastern Ecuador which has never had a Christian. Jim and Ulysses were there.
  3. The World Race’s time with Inca Link is ending this week. Pray for them on their flight to Lima and Bolivia.
  4. We thank God for opening the doors for Dany Ascencio and Jose Perez to be able to join us on Corban’s tour thanks to the support from their companies where they work.
  5. Ecuador’s Youth Specialties’ Summit is going strong.
  6. We received large donations for the children’s home, Pasitos de Fe.

High of the Week

Being in Trujillo for the wedding and seeing so many young people in our group (nearly 25 youth which were in our 1996 youth group). It is incredible to see how God is using them worldwide.

Prayer Requests

  1. For new believers in the eastern jungle of Ecuador
  2. For the money to be quickly raised for Pasitos de Fe so that we can get children there soon

Have a blessed week!

Intensely Focused 😉

Rich and Elisa