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Terrific Tuesdays 1-30-24

Happy Terrific Tuesday! We’re excited because we are in a new year and we are going to try a new way of doing Terrific Tuesdays where we give you some highlights of some amazing people in Inca Link!

  1. Stacey Pope has been with us for five years. She came to us from being a principle at an international school in the Dominican Republic. A fun fact about her is that she LOVES Disney. She is our director of Global Outreach, which means she is on top of things for all teams that come serve with Inca Link.
  2. Anna Jacobson has been a missionary with us for seven years, but we have known her since she was an intern in 2014. That’s where we saw her heart for missions and for kids. She has been in charge of our sponsorship program at Bonsai, but she will be on a sabbatical for the next few months. A fun fact is that she is getting married this year! We are so excited for her and Leo.
  3. MaFer is in charge of the Casa Elizabeth teen pregnancy home and ministry. She is doing a great job of reframing the ministry and making sure they are impacting more people for Christ. While she has only been working for us for three years officially, we had been praying for her to say yes to becoming the director of Casa Elizabeth for a while. A fun fact about her is that she is married to Jose, who is the director of our El Hormiguero ministry! We have 28 ministries in Inca Link and they are in charge of two of them – what a power couple!
  4. Brenda Moya has been with us for 12 years. She’s been directing Amijai and reaching out to the kids in the district. She also ministers to the mothers of the kids through discipleship, Bible studies, and crafts that can help them make extra money. A fun fact about Brenda is that she recruits all kinds of people to help out at Inca Link Peru. Her mom, Nina, has cooked for teams before, her sisters are involved with Amijai, and now her brother is on the board of Inca Link Peru.

We want to make sure you are keeping up with everything that God is doing in and through Inca Link. We recently released a video about our Inca Thakhi ministry in Peru with Joca and Alex. Check it out here.

Have a great week and God bless you!